Trent Country Club Abbey Farm, Birches Head Road, Stoke On Trent, ST2 8DD  Tel. 01782 541916

Self Catering

Terms & Conditions

Access to your room for decorations and laying of your buffet is from 6pm on the day of your party. Please use only blue tac for your decorations, no drawing pins or sticky tape.

As you are doing your own catering we only supply the room, tables and chairs. All essential items like table cloths, cutlery, plates, condiments and bin bags must be provided by yourselves. No food will be stored and use of our kitchen and refrigerator areas will not be allowed.

The company has a health and hygiene policy which is checked annually by Stoke On Trent City Council. As you are doing your own catering we accept no responsibility for any issues arising with the food provided by the customer or any issues arising with the welfare of your guests.

At the end of the night all food, decorations, plates, bin bags etc must be removed from the room and taken off the premises. Failure to do so will affect the return of your deposit.

Last orders will be called at 11.30pm. Any alcohol consumed on the premises must have been purchased on the premises. Any alcohol consumed on the premises but not purchased on the premises by any of your guests will result in the loss of your deposit.

We accept that it is a party night and we do have cleaners in to clean the room the following day, however, you may forfeit some of your deposit if you do not remove all left over food items and decorations from the premises by 12.30am. Your DJ should also leave by this time too. Failure to vacate the premises by 12.30am may result in any extra wages for staff being deducted from your deposit.

If you adhere to the conditions stated above, your deposit will be returned after 12pm the day after your party.